The Noam Eliezer Institution

The Noam Eliezer Institution.

Noam Eliezer is a non-profit organization, which supports child-rich Jewish families. The seat and establishment place is Jerusalem. Founder of the organization is the Jewish Rabbi Yitschak Naki. He leads also a training center for rabbis and is married with his marvelous wife Zippora. Y. Naki is a cordial and generous man, father by 9 children. He hast a history, which he perhaps once would like to tell. It affected very much and shows once more God is working. It belongs however for the moment whether the intensity and personal contents not into the internet.

Apart from food, dresses and direct financial support the organization Noam Eliezer is a firm point of approach for Jewish emergencies. Since more than 15 years Noam Eliezer developed for an institution, which was supported to a large extent so far by Jews for Jewish brothers and sisters. We would like to build a bridge. In addition the Israel-friends Hanover will make an association available, which collects donation funds and issues appropriate certificates of donation.

My mission statement is to see the day to have the ability to help people consumed and wretched before they ask me. And there will be no answer to anyone from me like ,”I can not help you!“ To do everything in secret, without a shame and embarrassment for any person ever. And if I had to say no it will only be if I tried to feel the same thing as poor or widowed person feels God will give us the ability to understand who is more needed and should not judge anyone.
Help us to develop or deepen the friendship to our brothers and sisters. Here is your chance!

Do not hesitate to contact us, if there are any questions.

Respectfully Yours,

Yitschak Naki

Noam Eliezer Institution