Rabbi Yitschak Naki and his wife, Zippora, started with a private initiative to give charity to poor families, widows, orphaned children, and immigrants. It grew into a large organization who helped 100 families. It was named Noam Eliezer.

Over time, the Noam Eliezer Charity added another sector into their activities, which is Torah education or “Yeshiva”. It focuses on teaching and preparing adult men to become rabbis and spread the word of G-d to the people of Israel.

In 1997, Noam Eliezer Institute was officially founded by Rabbi Yitschak Naki in Jerusalem, Israel. It provides education and training with scholarships for 5 years for adult men to become rabbis. At the end of the education, graduates will receive their ordination or “smicha” from the Chief Rabbi of Israel. Currently in 2019, there are 27 adult men studying in this Yeshiva. Since 1997, Noam Eliezer Institute has educated and prepared a total of 97 men to become rabbis of different communities throughout Israel. We place a strong emphasis in teaching the importance of acts of kindness (chessed) as well as giving positive impact to the society so as to changing them into better.

The Yeshiva does not charge their students for the education that the students are receiving. Moreover, it even provides scholarships to help married students with children support the basic needs of their family, while undergoing training and education. We believe that this will give them a peace of mind and the ability to fully focus on their studies without worries. Noam Eliezer Institute, the Yeshiva, relies on the generosity of the Jewish people and the friends and supporters of Israel. Most of our expenses are funded by small donors, with only a few large donations from individuals or organizations. 

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