Noam Eliezer Charity started in 1996 as a private initiative of Rabbi Yitschak Naki and his wife, Zipora. It focused on providing food for underprivileged families, widows, orphans and immigrants, living in Jerusalem and it surrounding. Everyday, the organization provides food stamps, student supplies and winter clothing for children of underprivileged families.

Until January 2019, Noam Eliezer Charity has helped over 360 large families with daily food vouchers. Every Shabbat they give out Shabbat food packages in the form of vouchers to 70 families. Every school year, 1000 children receive their student supplies in forms of school bags, books, stationary, lunch boxes and drinking bottles. Every winter we provide roughly 1200 children with winter clothing, including underwear, jackets and pajamas.

In the past we had a large warehouse with refrigerators. We bought our food supply and clothing products at a discounted rate with 25% off, as a charity organization. Sometimes, various companies generously donated to us in the form of food and clothing supply. They would all be stored in the warehouse. Our team would then sort out the products and distribute the food and clothing to families using trucks and other types of transportation. The amount of time, cost and energy that went into sorting out clothing according to the sizes for each member of each family, registering them, and delivering them was enormous. We had to pay a staggering amount of money for warehouse rent, electricity, transportation and numerous employees to have everything done every month.

In 2008 we drastically changed our system to cut expenses on all these and other logistical costs. Since then we have been giving out food vouchers that indicate the name and identity card number of the beneficiary and are non-transferrable. Each voucher has a specific cash value and can be used to purchase food products at supermarkets in Jerusalem. Sometimes, we also give out vouchers to enable families to buy winter clothing and student supplies. Now every month, because of this change, Noam Eliezer Charity will have to pay for for all the food and clothing supplies at a full cost. The 25% discount would not apply anymore.

Our work and the families that we are helping are relying on the generosity of everybody who cares about the poor and who love Israel. Most of our expenses are funded by small donors, with only a few large donations from individuals or organizations. Please consider to donate. Every small amount matters!